ALF-120H Battery

Lithium - Ion Cell Type : ALF 120H

The new high rate Lithium-Ion cell ALF 120 H is designed for the use in exercise torpedo applications. The prismatic rechargeable Lithium – Ion cell is used for the propulsion part with a nominal voltage of 3.2 V and a rated capacity of 120 Ah. The new Lithium – Ion cells and the Silver – Zinc cells are entirely interchangeable and one Lithium-ion cell replaces two Silver Zinc cells.

Compared to the old conventional Silver – Zinc technology, the new Lithium – Ion cells/batteries have the following advantages:


  • Higher energy density and power capability
  • Longer lifetime with stable performance
  • Better cyclability with low performance degradation
  • Hermetically sealed and maintenance free cells
  • Reduced heat evolution during discharge due to low internal cell resistance
  • Low self-discharge
  • Faster charging possibility
  • Better operational readiness and flexibility in exercise operations
  • Significant improvement of Life Cycle Costs (LCC)


Safety is of primary importance for all components of the torpedoes and especially for the battery. The cell ALF 120 H is based on LiFePO4 technology and the intrinsic safety was proven in several tests. Therefore, the use of intrinsically safe Lithium – Ion cell is indispensable, as there is no need for additional protective measures e.g. protective barriers.
Furthermore, with the prismatic cell design, the approved tray technology of the battery case could be retained to a large extent and adaptation to existing charge/discharge systems can easily be ensured. A Battery Management System (BMS) can easily be integrated to the battery tray. The BMS control the charging and discharging of the battery and ensure a high availability of the battery.

As there is a demand for economic exercise batteries for all torpedo generations still in service, the target was to create a compatible solution for existing system components.
ALSE accelerates the production and marketing of Lithium – Ion based secondary torpedo batteries that are not available currently in the market and ensures the compatibility between the old and the new system.

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